When you are just starting your website, choosing a web host can be scary; after all, there’s a whole lot of information that you will need to digest while taking the various pros and cons into consideration.

But, if you know what and which questions to ask, it can become quite easy for you. That said, there are many plans that you can choose from, based on your needs, while keeping in mind what each plan can do for you and your website.

When it comes to web hosting, no one size fits all – each website is different, and it is for this reason that you should determine the requirements of your website before you take a look at the web hosting plans.

Some of the requirements may be in the form of the following questions –

  • Is your website large? If yes, then what are the storage needs?
  • How much traffic are you expecting from the website?
  • What is the budget of your hosting? And what services do you expect from the hosting provider?
  • Based on the above questions, there will be some web hosts that won’t suit your needs – if that’s the case, then, you can check out the following points to determine which are the other hosting options that will suit your needs.

    Is the host’s server reliable?

    Do you know that speed and performance can either make or break your website? The performance of the website influences the SEO as well as bounce and conversion rates – it also shows visitors as to how much your site is trustworthy.

    No matter what hosting provider you decide to choose, consider choosing one which has an uptime guarantee of 95 percent – though, the high it is, the better it will be.

    Can the plan be easily upgraded?

    If your website has all the elements it needs for its success, then, chances are, within a few months, it’s going to grow, and that means, an increase in traffic, as well as conversion rates – this, in turn, will prompt you to upgrade your web hosting plan.

    You are going to need such a web hosting plan that has the bandwidth, resources plus disk space to maintain the website for the users, so, go for such a web hosting plan that can be easily upgraded to VPS, Managed WordPress or Dedicated Hosting plan smoothly, if the need so arises.

    Can a domain name be added easily?

    As time goes on, the website will grow, and who knows – you may even want to expand your current site or maybe, start a new one. Or you may even like to collect domain names or get into website flipping.

    No matter what the reason is, if you are going to buy additional domain names, then, you are going to need such a web host that will make it easy for you to acquire as well as manage them. For best results, it’s suggested that you should opt for such a web host that offers unlimited space for all of your domain names.

    Do the web host support ‘Refund Policy’?

    If you manage to choose the perfect host during your first attempt, then, all is well – but it may so happen that one day, you decide to cancel your service, so, what are you to do?

    Due to reasons, you may want to cancel your web hosting plan, but you also want to avoid any unnecessary excessive fees – it is for this reason that it’s suggested that you choose such a web hosting plan that offers a trial period so that you are able to cancel the plan without incurring any excessive fees if things don’t work out.

    Will the web host provide easy access to SFTP?

    Secure File Transfer Protocol and File Transfer Protocol are some of the vital tools for maintaining a website, and if not now, you are going to use either one of them for resolving errors or even customizing the website.

    Go for such a web host that provides either FTP or SFTP via a client (such as FileZilla) so that you can access it at any time you need.

    Will the web host provide eCommerce features?

    If you plan to run an online store on your website, then, your needs are going to be unique – you should opt for an e-commerce web hosting plan that supports frequent backups and ‘content delivery network’ so that you can reach out to customers throughout the world.

    Is the control panel of the web host user-friendly?

    Since you will be spending a whole lot of time in the control panel of the web host, so, it makes sense that everything should be easy to figure it out, without having to rely on support for simple tasks such as upgrading, billing and such.

    When choosing a web host, opt for such a one that will offer you a custom control panel – it will make your life a lot easier.

    Does the web host support SSL certificates?

    Also known as ‘Secure Socket Layer certificates’, they are the ones which keep the website plus its users safe – and this is particularly important if the website is dealing with credit card information, passwords and the like.

    Though adding an SSL certificate to a website is an additional expense, there are many web hosting providers that provide this feature in their plans for free. Opt for such a web host that provide this feature for you at no additional cost.

    Do the web host offer site backups?

    Accidents and attacks happen, and you may never know, but your website can get compromised – in such cases, you will want to restore your website. For this reason, backups are made available so that you can bring back your site even if it’s destroyed.

    Even though there are many ways to back up a website, one of the best possible ways is to do so through a web host – opt for such a web host that will offer you daily automated backups of your website.

    Does the web host have a 24/7 support system?

    Opt for such a web host that offers a 24.7 support team that will help you at any time, should any problems occur on your side. That said, you should also take note of whether the web host has multiple contact methods, as you don’t want to be left high and dry, in your times of need.

    When choosing a web host for your needs, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed, considering all of the providers that are out there, just begging for your attention. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips when searching for one, and you will come upon the right one for your needs.


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