Plugins are very important for an WordPress site to run smoothly, customize it and add new features. Today I am going to show you 10 amazing plugins that I found and I use on my website and I guarantee you guys will probably use at least two of these plugins.

You can use all these plugins for free & those plugins are used by thousands of websites worldwide. So lets begin.

1. OneSignal Plugin – (Push Notification Plugin)

OneSignal - Webtpic

OneSignal is basically a platform which provides push notification service. You can send push notification to the users who have subscribed to your blog. It is an easy way to increase user engagement.

OneSignal is one of the most popular site which provides push notification service. It provides many features and support many web browsers. And works on both HTTP and HTTPS sites. It also provides Automatic Notifications & Scheduled Notifications. Real Time Analytics. Gives you real time analytics.

OneSignal is very easy to use. You can also integrate push notifications in your Android apps. They also provides free plan in which you can have 30,000 subscribers, then only you have to pay if you want to increase your subscribers. This plugin has 100,000+ active installations.

2. WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide Login - Webtopic

Ever WordPress sites login page is same which is or /admin. If you haven’t changed your sites login page , then do it now. You site may get attacked by hackers.

WPS Hide Login is one of the most important plugin. This plugins basically hide your login page and you can change that url to anything you want. This plugin helps you very much.

Like your login page url is


or anything else.

This plugin is 100% free, so you don’t need to pay to use this plugin and protect your site from attackers. This plugin has 500,000+ active installations. And should be used by all WordPress sites.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Webtopic

Yoast SEO is another popular WordPress which is used by 5+ million websites worldwide. From this also you can know how much popular this plugin is and how much useful it may be.

This plugin helps your site to rank higher in the Google search results.There are lots of things you can do with this plugin to improve your site SEO. This plugin was developed in 2008, since 2008 it has helped millions of site out there.

You can edit the Title and meta description of your post for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results. Yoast SEO automatically sets canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, control your site’s breadcrumbs. This plugin is very easy to use.

This plugin is 100% free. The free version of this plugin is more than enough if you have recently started you site.

4. WP Smush ( Reduces Image Sizes)

Smush - Webtopic

WP Smush, another popular WordPress plugins. It has 1+ million active installations. This plugin is also one of the most popular plugin to be used by every WordPress sites.

You can turn on lazy load on your site, compress images, resize them and do lot more. You can bulk smush images on your site to compress them, can compress 50 images at a time. Provides lossless compression so that it decrease your image site without affecting image quality. It will reduce the size of images by 30%-70%.

This plugin is also free, but limited. After sometime you have to pay if you want to optimize more of your images and protect your site from being slow.

5. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache - Webtopic

WP Fastest Cache is basically a caching plugin. This plugin makers your site much faster than it is now. It is used many more than 1+ million websites worldwide.

WP Fastest Cache is 100% free plugin, means you don’t need to pay any money to use this plugin in your site. You just need to configure the settings of this plugin so that it will help you, rather than affecting your site.

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This plugin support SSL, CDN, Cloudflare. You can also exclude pages from being cached & also have preload cache function to help your site.

6. Elementor – Best Free Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor - Webtopic

Elementor is an live page builder plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most popular page builder plugin. This plugin has 3+ million active installations. It is used by many WordPress sites worldwide.

Elementor is an front-end site builder for WordPress. It was launched in 2016. You can simple drag & drop widgets and build your page. This site has both free & paid plan. In free plan you will get 30 basic widgets, but in paid plan you will get 50+ advanced widgets.

If you have just started your blog, then the free version of Elementor is enough for that. But if you want pro version which basically comes with lots of more features like 300+ Pro templates, 24/7 Premium support and more. You can buy their Personal plan for $49/year.

This plugin is really very simple to use. If you are using it for the very first time, then also you can use it very easily. So what are you think download Elementor now.

7. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan - Webtopic

Wordfence is the most popular WordPress firewall & security scanner. This plugin has 3+ million active installations. From this you can know how much useful this plugin may be.

This plugin basically provides firewall for your site which help you site to be safe from attackers. It also provides 2FA, means if anyone tries to enter the admin dashboard of your site then they must put the unique code which is provided to you.

Wordfence malware scanner check core files, plugins, themes for backdoors for hackers, malware, bad URLs, SEO spams and much more.

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This plugin also provides you other features like “Brute Force Protection” features which protect you from password guessing attacks, IP block feature and much more which can really help you to keep your site safe.

So what are you waiting for, install this plugin now & make your site more safe.

8. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin - Webtopic

Hey are you doing backup of your website, if no then do it now. Because some time your website may be hacked, or while using new plugin or doing anything else you may feel different types of difficulties with your site, then at that condition if you already have backup then you can easily restore your site.

UpdraftPlus is the plugin that you must have in your WordPress site. This plugin is very easy to use. You can schedule your backup time, so that you don’t have to manually backup your site. You can use different types of services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, UpdraftPlus Vault or other services to keep backup of your site. This plugin has 2+ million active installations.

With just few clicks you can backup & restore your site at any time. This plugin has both free & paid version and actually free version is more than enough for small site. So I highly recommend you that install this plugin in your site as soon as possible.

9. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL - Webtopic

Does you site don’t have SSL certificate ? Then Really Simple SSl is the plugin for you. This is one of the most popular plugin for SSL certificate.

This plugin automatically detect your website settings and make it to run over HTTPS. If your hosting provider hadn’t provided you SSL certificate then you can use this plugin. This plugin is 100% free.

You just need to download this plugin, activate it and enable the SSL with one click. Then your site will start running over HTTPS and none of the users will get security issue whenever they visit your site. This plugin has 3+ million active installations.

It also has paid plan, using which you can get more features for your site.

10. ThirstyAffiliates – Affiliate Link Manager

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager - Webtopic

Hey are you doing affiliate marketing to earn from your website. One of the major problem that affiliate marketers face is handling of their affiliate links. The major thing this plugin does is that it cloak very long ugly URLs and short it to simple and easy to remember.

You can also see the analytics also of the URL. See which URL is getting more clicks. You can also see the Link Health, Geolocation and much more by the help of this amazing WordPress plugin.

So if you are affiliate marketer, then you must use this plugin in all of your sites, it will help you a lot in affiliate marketing. This plugin has 30,000+ active installations. This plugin is free, but if you want more advance features then it also has PRO version which may help you.

So, these were the top 10 WordPress plugins what you must have in your site in 2020. Thank you for being here, we have few more bonus plugins for you which you may like.

Still have any problem, then let us know in the comment section below.


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