Who doesn’t love the idea of starting a blog?

But of course, the main problem starts when you have to choose a niche – you just decide to start a blog and then, just write about anything that comes to your mind; blogging doesn’t work that way.

So, then, choosing a niche for your blog, right? You must have a thousand ideas in your head right now or maybe, you are struggling to come up with a single one. No matter what it is, you just can’t simply choose a blog niche; to choose one, you will need to know the answers to the three questions –

The niche that you are going to choose, can it be grown in the future?

Can you stick with your chosen niche even during your bad days?

Can you monetize your chosen niche in the future?

If yes, then, congratulations, you are on your way to creating a great blog. But say, if you are struggling to come up a blog niche, then, fret not – we have brought you a big list of blogging niches that you can focus on.

Note that these blogging niches are not usually your run of the mill ideas – they are uncommon and unique in their own ways, and something you will have a lot more fun in creating content for.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to some of the best (and uncommon!) blogging niches with which you can start a blog –


Who doesn’t like traveling? If, you too, fall in the same category, then, you can consider creating blogs with this niche.

Traveling for work

Maybe, you work for an airline or say, you have to travel a lot for work?

You can consider capturing your experiences in a blog that captures the essence of each city and country.

Cultural differences

No nation in this world is the same as each other – all have their own customs and etiquettes.

A blog that shares the customs and the foreign culture can be a fantastic niche and will help travelers and ex-pats to get to the countries better and respect the local etiquette.


When it comes to health, many blogs are floating around – and face it, almost all of them focus on the same topics over and over again.

Consider deviating from the usual route, will you?

Choosing of confidence

Almost all of us have dealt with self-esteem issues now and then.

If, you, too, have faced the same, then, you can consider sharing your story and your way of overcoming them. Include tips that will help the readers to boost confidence in themselves and succeed in life.

Traditional medicine

Today, alternative medical treatments are becoming popular amongst the masses.

Fields such as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda – they can be the niche for your blog!


With the way, the lifestyle of today is, fitness should be the foremost of everybody’s mind.

How about these blog niches?


One of the most popular forms of exercising, you can consider creating a blog with this niche – of course, readers will expect topics such as running techniques and tips, training tips for summer and winter, running equipment, to name a few.

Personal trainer

If you are a personal trainer, then, why not create a blog, and share your knowledge?

You can include meal and workout plans, tips for exercising. You can also include fitness tips for busy people – this niche has so much potential, and can be the ultimate people pleaser.


Of course, this niche has quite a vast traffic magnet. You, too, can bask in this, so, how about you start with these unique niches?

Kitchen equipment

You can consider sharing tips on which pots and pans to use – after all, there are tons and tons of utensils out there.

Consider writing honest reviews and make sure to include affiliate links of the reviewed products so, that your readers can purchase them.

Beer, champagne, and wines

Who doesn’t love to drink a little now and then?

Consider sharing your knowledge with the world if you know champagnes and wines. That also goes the same for beer – write on why they are awesome and how can they be made at homes!

The ideas are plenty!


Ah yes, entertainment – it’s a great way to pass the time! Then, how about a blog for this one?


You can create a blog for comedy – you can add tips and other such helpful content on how one can create comedy.

If possible, you can also offer courses, an eBook or maybe, a workshop.

Upcoming events

You can create a blog and write about upcoming events – the events may be related to specific target groups such as single guys and gals, families with kids, and so on.


This is one blog niche that many won’t get tired of. How about these following niches?

Card and board games

Even though it’s the digital age, card and board games are still popular.

Consider creating a blog niche with this one, and you can share your opinions and reviews on the various card and board games!

Outdoor games

Remember the days when we used to play outdoor games? Consider creating a blog and write about the various outdoor games for kids – you can also publish an eBook on the various outdoor games and sell it schools at a discount if you wish!


With the online stores tempting us at every step to buying this and that, it’s high time that we learn how to manage our finances.

Viola! A blog niche is born.

Family budget

Want to share tips on how a family can learn to save money?

Consider creating a blog with this niche – include tips on how can a family save money on clothing, hobbies, transportation, and such.

Pension and retirement savings

For most of us anyways, retirement is ages away, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all learn how to start saving now.

Consider creating a blog on this one – expect tips and techniques on how to manage your finances the right way.


Not all relationships are gold and glitter. Consider creating a blog with these niches – plus, it will also help readers in the long run.


All relationships don’t work out well, and for many, divorce is the only solution.

Create a blog with this niche in mind – include tips that will help your readers to overcome divorce. In this, there are many steps such as self-care, legal advice, forgiveness, to name a few.

Relationship advice

Just because a relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you will give up.

You should take care and nourish your relationship the right way – even though, on some days, it will feel like that you want it to throw all of it away.


Under this blog niche, there is a multitude of various other blog niches that you can focus on.

Family fun

Under this niche, you can focus on topics such as tips that will help parents to come up with ideas that they can do for free with their kiddos.


Not many are aware of what homeschooling entails – consider creating a blog with this niche and include your tips, knowledge, and experience about homeschooling.

Who can do it? Where do you start?” – topics such as these can be a starting point.


This niche can be a very uncommon one – after all, it’s politics we are talking about, and this is something that can be very unpredictable.

Political satire

Are there any current political events going on? Consider creating a blog with this one – you can capture the attention of your readers with your personal touch to any current political event.

Political issues

There are bound to be many political issues in society. Consider creating a blog on the matter – the matter should be one you wish to stand for, and if possible, create a community around it.

The above are all only a few blog niches that we have touched – there are many that you can dream of. Choose your blog niche, and write in a fun and unique style, and the readers will come flocking to your blog.

We can bet you on that!


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